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πŸ’₯ 2024 Update πŸ’₯ Introducing 3 New NFT Tiers! β˜€οΈ

In our continuous effort to innovate and provide value to our community, NovaX is thrilled to announce the introduction of three new NFT tiers: Dragonica, Ethereal, and Endear. These tiers have been designed to offer our users an unprecedented opportunity to earn shared revenue, directly tying their rewards to the success of NovaX across different geographical levels. This initiative is part of our commitment to ensure that the growth and prosperity of NovaX are shared with our community members who invest in and support our vision.

NFT Tiers and Revenue Sharing Model


Description: Dragonica NFTs represent the pinnacle of our tier system. Holders of Dragonica NFTs are integrated into the core of NovaX's global success, with the unique benefit of earning a share of the worldwide revenue generated by NovaX. This tier is designed for those who wish to be closely aligned with our global achievements and growth.

Revenue Sharing: Dragonica NFT holders will receive a percentage of the total worldwide revenue generated by NovaX. The distribution will be calculated monthly and directly credited to the holders' accounts in NVX tokens.


Description: Ethereal NFTs offer holders the opportunity to earn from the success of NovaX within their specific continent. This tier is perfect for users who have a strong connection to their continental community and wish to benefit directly from its collective success.

Revenue Sharing: Holders of Ethereal NFTs will earn a share of the revenue generated from NovaX operations across their continent. The revenue share will be determined based on the total revenue generated within the continent and distributed monthly in NVX tokens.


Description: Endear NFTs are designed to reward holders with a share of the revenue generated from NovaX operations within their own nation. This tier caters to users who are motivated by the success and growth of NovaX in their local market.

Revenue Sharing: Holders of Endear NFTs will receive a share of the revenue generated within their nation. This localized approach to revenue sharing ensures that users are directly benefiting from promoting and supporting NovaX within their home country. Distributions will be made monthly in NVX tokens.

Participation and Eligibility

To participate in this revolutionary revenue-sharing model, users must be holders of Dragonica, Ethereal, or Endear NFTs. These NFTs can be acquired through our sales events, secondary market transactions, or as rewards in our various community engagement activities.

The introduction of Dragonica, Ethereal, and Endear NFT tiers marks a significant milestone in our journey to create a more inclusive, rewarding, and interconnected ecosystem. By aligning the interests of our users with the financial success of NovaX at multiple geographical levels, we are pioneering a new model of shared prosperity in the digital age.

We invite all NovaX members to explore these new opportunities and join us in celebrating the continued growth and success of our community. Together, we are not just building a platform; we are shaping the future of digital engagement and shared wealth.

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